TRAINING CLINICS - City60 Bike-Run Challenge
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Training Clinics


We’re here to help you hit the start line mentally and physically prepared (and ready to impress!).  Our tailor-made training clinics are led by our experienced MetaSport coaches. They are perfectly suited to beginners and intermediate participants in City60.  Each session will provide you with insider tips and tricks to assist you on race day, plus give you a chance to work up a sweat with some bike/run and transition activities to practice your new skills! Enjoy!


See schedule below for clinic information. All clinics are open to kids (8-11 yrs) and adults (12 yrs+).

Date Suited to Venue Price Time

Bike – Run Clinics

Saturday 21 September Adults & Kids East Coast Park $35 09:00 – 10:30
Saturday 5 October Adults & Kids East Coast Park $35 16:00 – 17:30

What you’ll learn:

  • Basic bike skills (pedaling, gear shifting, overtaking)
  • Transition set-up and practice
  • Racing tips & tricks
  • Running technique advice
  • Pacing and race strategy
  • Hydration and pre-race preparation
  • Equipment and race day procedures
  • Understanding non-drafting rules

Note: Clinic fees are inclusive of 7% GST.  You will receive an email reminder on your clinic session at least 3 days prior the clinic date

Training Package

6 weeks to City60 Training Package (16 September – 27 October)


Prepare yourself for the City60 glory by joining our Bike-Run training package. We have seven sessions a week that will fast-track your fitness, super-charge your strength and tweak your technique.  Our experienced and accomplished coaches will set you on the path to race day success, while our training group will provide great motivation.

Price: SGD260


Package includes:


  • 12 coached training sessions + 1 Bike-Run Clinic


Choose either:


Two run sessions per week:

  • Tuesday (19:30-20:30) and Friday (06:30-07:30)


One Run session plus one Bike session per week:

  • Run: Tuesday (19:15-20:30) OR Thursday (19:30-20:30)
  • Bike: Saturday (06:30-08:30) OR Sunday (06:30-09:30)


One Bike-Run Clinic (see dates above)

Weekly Metasport newsletter (includes training articles, feature stories, race reports)

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Bike. Run. Challenge yourself.