STRAVA CHALLENGE - City60 Bike-Run Challenge
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City60 Sprint Challenge




Train on the City60 bike course and make it to the weekly rankings


The trial challenge is now open for all competitive cyclists to practice their skills on the City60 bike course. Fastest cyclists will make to the top of the weekly rankings. The leaderboard will be posted every Monday on this page and on the City60 Bike-Run Challenge Facebook page.


Train on the course and see how you fare amongst all other cyclists.



The fastest cyclist over the 1km segment on race day will be crowned the City60 Sprint Challenge Champion


Join the City60 Sprint Challenge on race day, 7 October to compete with fellow cyclists and put your skills to test.


Go full gas down on Nicoll Highway, on to the City60 Sprint segment. The cyclist with the fastest time will be crowned Champion and will take home a special prize.


Remember to activate your Strava and upload your data right after your finish the race. Only cyclists with data on Strava on 7 October 13:00 will be eligible for the challenge.


Check out the City60 Sprint Challenge on Strava:


Bike. Run. Challenge yourself. 7 OCTOBER 2018