RACE KIT COLLECTION - City60 Bike-Run Challenge
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City60 Bike-Run TBC TBC TBC
Note: Strictly NO race kit collection on race day.

What to Bring

1. Identification (NRIC or FIN or passport)

2. E-copy of entry confirmation email with the QR code

3. A completed PAR-Q Form (download here)

If you do not have the required documents you will not be able to collect the race kit.

Can’t make it to Race Kit Collection?

Don’t panic. You have two options if you are not able to make it on the collection date.

Send a representative


You can send a friend or a family member to collect your kit on your behalf. Please be mindful of the requirements. If the representative do not have the required documents, they will not be able to collect your kit.

What to bring:

1. Representative’s Identification (NRIC or FIN or passport)

2. Printed copy of signed Authorisation Form

3. E-copy of Participants Identification (NRIC or FIN or passport)

4. E-copy of Participants entry confirmation email

5. Printed copy of Participants completed PAR-Q Form


Have your race kit delivered to you


The courier service is $22 and $10 for every extra person to the same address.
Login to your account on Myevents Active and add the option to your registration. Event participants must make sure to book before the deadline: 1st October, Monday.

Overseas Participants

If you are an overseas participant, please contact us to find out how you can collect your race kit.

Bike. Run. Challenge yourself. 27 OCTOBER 2019