RACE CATEGORIES - City60 Bike-Run Challenge
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  • General Entry Relay Teams may consist of 2 or 3 members
  • City15 Relay Teams are for age 12-15 years only. Non-participating adult/guardian registers the team as Team Captain
  • City6 Relay Teams are for age 7-11 years only. Non-participating adult/guardian registers the team as Team Captain
  • Public Service Category includes City60 and City30 (for Public Officers only)
  • Public Officers taking part in the CSC STAR Games must form teams of 3 members and enter in the City60 Team Relay
  • **These City15 and City6 categories are non-competitive open to individual adults
  • Age is calculated as at 31 December 2019
  • Read the full Rules & Regulations



Elite Wave – City 60 distance

The elite wave brings together the best athletes (male and female) from all age groups to start in the first waves, and race head to head, in a duel to the finish.

These athletes will still be ranked in their respective age groups, and be eligible for age group awards.

The elite-wave athletes are selected based on results from the City60 2018, MetaSprint Series Duathlon 2019 and MetaSprint Series Triathlon 2019.

Athletes who have not been selected and believe they should be in the Elite Wave can apply for a wild card (limited slots only). To do so please email us indicating your best recent race results (event name, distance, year, time and placing) at least 12 days before the event. Late applications will not be accommodated.

Friends’ Wave

The Friends’ Wave is for athletes who want to start with their friend(s) regardless of race categories and gender. Open to City60 and City30 race distances only. You may go back into your race entry to add this wave start.

Bike. Run. Challenge yourself.