FAQS - City60 Bike-Run Challenge
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On this page we try to answer all your event specific questions. If you have any other questions that have not been addressed here, please send us an email or call us.

Registering for the race:

Where do I register? Register now through our website.


I am unable to race due to illness/injury. Can I get a refund?
Once the registration form has been processed, there will be no fee refund for participants who, for whatever reason, eventually do not take part.


Do I have to qualify to enter the event?
No, as long as you are fit, healthy and capable of completing the event anyone can enter. Do read the Health Advice page and fill out the PAR-Q questionnaire before you take part.


When is the entry deadline?
Registration will be closed on 20 September 2018.


Can I transfer my entry to another athlete if I choose not to race?
Individual race entries are non-transferable. Any person doing so will be held responsible in case of an accident arising from or provoked by the other person during the race. The Organisers reserve the right to exclude both parties from future events.


Can I enter on race morning?
There are absolutely NO entries taken on race day!

Pre race & Race Kit Collection:

Is race kit collection compulsory? What do I need to bring with me to the race kit collection?
Yes. All participants have to bring a registration confirmation and photo ID (e.g. passport or driver’s license) to collect their race kit and goodie bag.


Do I need to collect my race kit in person or can I send somebody to collect it on my behalf?
If you are unable to collect the race kit in person , you may appoint a representative. Check out the race kit collection page for more information on what documents your representative should bring to collect your race kit.


Will there be a race briefing?
A race briefing will be available on the event website at least one week before the race. A copy will be sent to you by email. Read it carefully!


Where do I get my official City60 t-shirt?
You will receive your t-shirt at race kit collection.


Where do I get my official City60 coffee cup?
You will receive your coffee cup at the finish line. This is to ensure that we reduce the usage of plastic cups at the race.


Where do I get my timing chip?
The timing chip is included in your race kit.


Where do I pin my race number?
You have to wear your race number on the back of your shirt during the cycle section and on the front of your shirt during the run section. We suggest using a race number belt for ease.


Where do I pick up my race number if I don’t have one?
You can pick up your race number at race kit collection.


Can I practice on the cycle course prior to the event?
You can run on the run course at any time, but the bike course is only closed to traffic on race morning, so we do not recommend cycling there prior.


Can I race with an MP3 or other music player?
At no time during the competition are headphones permitted, as stated in the rules and regulations. Participants wearing such items will be disqualified.


What are the age restrictions?
Age restrictions are stated in the Rules & Regulations page under the Race Entry section


What is in my race kit?
Your race kit consists of:


1x Athlete Wristband

2x Race Bibs (to be worn on the back during the bike leg and on the front during the run leg)

1x Numbered Bike Flag

1x Helmet Sticker to stick on the front of your helmet

1x Timing Strap. Wear it around your left ankle.


I’ve forgotten my bike helmet; can you provide me with one?

Sorry, no. You are not allowed to take part in the bike phase of the race without a helmet.


I don’t have a bike. Can I still participate?
You need your own bike to race in the City60. Click here for details about renting a bicycle.


Who can enter the transition area?
Only participants wearing the athlete wristband are allowed to enter the transition area. The youngest athletes in the Kids distance races receive a “Parent Wristband” in their race kit, so one parent can enter the transition area to help them set up their transition. However during the race parents must leave the transition area.


When should I be checking in my bike before the race?
The transition area opens one hour before race start.


Am I allowed to cycle in the transition area?
No. In the transition area you have to push your bike.


Am I allowed to run in the transition area?


What if I do not dismount my bike after the cycle leg before entering transition?
You will face a time penalty or disqualification.


Do you have any tools that I can borrow?
No, but head over to our onsite bike mechanics and they will be able to assist.


Is the event run on closed roads?
The bike route is closed from traffic. However please adhere to normal road rules.


Are there any restrictions on kid’s bikes?
Not really. Although we don’t allow kiddie stabiliser wheels or tandem, mono-wheel and recumbent bikes. Just ensure the bike is safe and suitable for the child and in a road worthy condition. Our mechanics will be able to help you out with any last minute problems.


Are there any restrictions on adult’s bikes? Can I use my mountain bike?
We are pretty flexible so yes, you may use your mountain bike or most other bikes including mini-velo and Tyrell CSI bikes. We don’t allow tandem, mono-wheel and recumbent bikes. Just ensure your bike is road worthy condition. Our mechanics will be able to help you out with any last minute problems you may have.


Does someone keep track of the number of laps I do?
No, you must count your own laps. However, the timing team has lap counters to check if everyone has completed the required number of laps after the race.


What are the cut-off times on the course?
Cut-off times will be announced in the race briefing one week before the event. Any cut-off times will be very generous. We will try our best to ensure everyone finishes!

After the race:

What do I do with my timing chip when the race is over?

The chip will be removed by our volunteers once you cross the finish line. If you have retired yourself from the race, make sure to bring your timing chip back to the information counter on race site.


What if I accidentally take my timing chip home with me?
Please email for further instructions. Ensure that you return your timing chip to the MetaSport office within 1 week after the event date. A charge of S$40 applies for any timing chip that has not been returned by that date.


Where and when are the awards ceremony?
The awards ceremony takes place at the finish area directly after the race.


Do I receive a medal?

Yes, all finishers receive a medal at the finish line.


Where can I find my results?
Live results can be printed at the race venue post race. Official times will be posted on the Race Results page within 48 hours.


I have a protest/complaint/suggestion.
Please proceed to the information booth within one hour of the completion of your race.

Bike. Run. Challenge yourself.