CLUB CHALLENGE - City60 Bike-Run Challenge
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Club passion and friendly rivalry will be alive at the City60.  Encourage all your members to register, every finisher scores valuable points for your club!  The Club with the most points will win the coveted “City60 Club Champion” trophy.

  •  A club can be a formally-registered organisation or simply a group of friends training together–the only requirement being to appoint a club captain for easy coordination
  •  Every club member will earn points for their clubs. The point system combines participation and performance.
  •  Winners of each age category are rewarded extra points, as per the table below.
Important: Make sure you enter your Club’s name when you register!

How does it work?

Age Category Rank 1 : 50 points0%
Age Category Rank 2 : 30 points0%
Age Category Rank 3 : 20 points0%
Every Finisher : 10 points0%

Group Benefits

  • Race entry discounts: If you have a team of 10 athletes you can receive a 5% discount on race entry, groups of 20 athletes receive a 10% discount.
  • Complimentary club tent with marquee at a prime location in the event venue. Minimum of 10 pax. Contact us to book a tent.
  • One-stop Race Kit Collection: we can arrange for you to collect your Club’s race kits in one go.

Email us for group registrations or enquiries.

2018 MetaSport Club Challenge Leaderboard

Check out the leaderboard and see how your club fares among the other clubs! Be sure to register and enter your club name to contribute points!

Bike. Run. Challenge yourself.